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Tibet Tibet version castillane, Maqui Edicions. I'm having the devil's own time finding a story she used to recite--we've figured it originated in a magazine printed before she was born; more on that later. Keyword searches on this not one thing more, stocking, mouse, Santa Claus, etc. Maybe someone can do better with them than I. If this was printed, either by itself or as part of a larger book, I would very much like to know where, and how to get a copy!

If this was made into a children's book, perhaps having the original author will help.

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The book which is identified as from the "Santa Mouse" series is actually the same poem I sent to solve stumper N9. They should both be listed under that title. Well, it sure helps to have the correct spelling of the author's name! I still didn't find anything to indicate that Santa Claus and the Mouse was a picture book by itself and want to know if it was but there were all sorts of collections of poems, including holiday poems, and of course it could have appeared in someone else's collection of poems.

follow url I also did a search on Google with "Emilie Poulsson" and "Santa Claus" and still couldn't find anything like Santa Claus and the Mouse as a picture book, but did find a story called How Mrs. Does anyone know if this story featured a sugar plum sleigh? It might be the one I'm looking for. I think "How Mrs. It was first published in a womens' magazine, Don't remember any particular mention in it of a sugar plum sleigh.

Recently I was going through a box of books and found a very old one by this author which must have belonged to my grandmother. Sure enough, the poem was in it! I'd never have known to look for it there had I not been informed of the author's name. Barbara Chapman, The Wonderful Mistake, When I read this "memory", I thought I'd read it before. The orphans decide to make a nativity scene and the fancy doll becomes the beautiful Virgin Mary.

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It ends with having the mistake be one that "made this Christmas the best for everyone. I am the original poster, and Santa's Footprints is the correct book. You can put this one down as solved! Augusta Huiell Seaman, Sapphire Signet , You may want to check out this book. The author was an extremely popular writer of children's mysteries nearly years ago. I have never read this particular one, because it's very rare, but the plot you described sounds about like something she would have written. One of the young girls in the story, Corinne Cameron This might be the book you're looking for. I'm not sure of the exact plot, but this sounds like something she might have written.

I believe this may be it. The diary is found in a secret compartment and is deciphered by an invalid girl. The diary is destroyed by a housekeeper who is in the place of a mother--thankfully after the whole diary has been deciphered. The signet is eventually found and delivered to the proper owner by the invalid girl who has regained her health. Roberta Leigh, Sara and Hoppity , The book is Sara and Hoppity , about a "goblin toy" that is brought to Sara's parents' toy shop. Her parents and helper, Miss Julie that's probably who the requestor remembers" repairs for her. It's the mother who paints the plate with Hoppity's picture on it, so Sara will eat her spinach with egg.

What happens is that Sara hates the taste so much that when Hoppity "tells" her to slide the food into the pocket of her apron and tell her parents she ate it Hoppity is a very naughty toy! Sara is found out and punished by being sent to her room, and you never find out whether the leg on the plate is shorter than the other. In the end she sees Hoppity, at whom she has been very angry, standing in the corner, so she knows he feels remorseful and realizes how much she loves him. This story and its sequel, Sara and Hoppity Make New Friends , were my favorite childhood books, and I've never known anyone else who recalled them.

Apparantly there were 6 books and it may interest your requestor to know that there was also a television series that aired in the 60s. My mother and sister remember it fondly. There's more information about both books and tv show at this site. Though not my "Stumper" this has helped me with a childhood memory. I grew up in southern England in the '60s, and have a distinct memory of Sarah and Hoppity being a puppet show on local TV.

I actually recall being a bit upset that Sarah was always getting into trouble for things Hoppity had instigated. Anyway, now I live in Scotland, no one else remembers the show, and I had started to think I had dreamt it, so thank you for confirming that the memory may be correct. Thank you for solving this one for me! It has intruded on my thoughts for years and I couldn't figure out how to find the title. I was able to find 2 other elusive books from my childhood Magic Elizabeth and Candle in her Room simply by searching the solved stumpers.

But all I knew for sure with this one was the short leg and painted plate -- not a lot to go on. The story seems to be a lot different than what I thought I recalled. I'm sure that over the years I have mixed up a number of favorite books, making it even harder to track them down. As a child, I may even have dreamt about the stories, thereby distorting my recollection even more. Thanks to the posted solution I found a website that summarizes all of the books. I have a definite answer for one of the stumpers!!

I still have the copy that my Mom gave me as a little girl.