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Do you want to be a better video journalist? Shoot better pictures, master the art of travel and gain an understanding of how to survive in a war zone? If so then.
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Julia Ioffe is a staff writer at The Atlantic who covers policy and world affairs. The rest will follow. He says that advice was given by Reginald A. Stuart, a journalism recruiter, mentor, and diversity advocate who has worked for McClatchy and Knight Ridder, and was formerly a reporter for The New York Times.

David Fahrenthold is a Pulitzer-winning Washington Post reporter. When I was an intern at the Seattle Times in , she was an investigative reporter at the paper, and she did a little seminar on investigative reporting for us neophytes. I remember her advice about a big story: Imagine your story as a set of concentric circles, with the subject at the center.

Start at the outer ring—with sources only distantly connected to the subject, and with documents—and work toward the center. I kind of took that and ran with it at Ithaca; I learned how to video edit, I learned how to code, do digital journalism, and all those skills have helped me now. I never lost sight of approaching a story and thinking about what is the best way to tell this, not just in terms of my lede and my nutgraf, but in terms of platform.

Should it be a video, should it be a graphic, or a social story? You have to be able to do it all in the current journalism environment. Previously, she was The New York Times public editor.

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That is, include the reporting that has a chance of proving you wrong, not just confirming what you already think or think that you know. At the very least, this will allow you to know in advance what the objections to a story might be. It tends to make reporting more fair—and more bulletproof. Robert Herguth is an investigative reporter at the Chicago Sun-Times. Herguth shared some advice from his dad, year-old Robert J.

Diana Moskovitz is the senior editor at Deadspin.

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When Moskovitz was 24 and just starting out as a breaking news reporter for The Miami Herald , she says she was a solid writer but a so-so reporter who got called out frequently by some of her editors, including Patricia Andrews, whose criticism could be harsh but always hit the nail on the head. The second piece of advice from Andrews, Moskovitz says, has to do with interviewing.

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I took his advice to mean that if you thoroughly and deeply report a story, do all the research and interviews you need to do to make it good, writing it will be easy because your material will be so strong that the story will write itself. I know that during pre-production I need to focus on gathering strong material, from convincing potentially hostile sources to talk to us on camera for accountability interviews, to finding compelling personal stories.

Miller says he got crucial advice from Terry McGarry, a legendary journalist known for his coverage of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and who was his editor at The Los Angeles Times. Miller says he was in the newsroom on the day McGarry, who was retiring, stood up and left his colleagues with these wise words:. Tom Cole is the arts desk editor at NPR.

Jonathan Stray on how to protect yourself, your sources, and your scoop on sensitive stories

Go back to them and ask them. Wells Society. Johnson shared advice from Dwight Cunningham, his former journalism fellowship instructor at the Diversity Institute, in Nashville, Tennessee. Everybody and their mama is hollering fake news these days. Ben Smith is the editor in chief of BuzzFeed. Now I know never to trust you. Geoff Brumfiel is the science editor at NPR. Nobody takes you seriously until you start getting clips.

Fernando Diaz is the digital managing editor at the San Francisco Chronicle.

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Diaz passed along advice that editor Renee Trappe gave him when he was a younger reporter at the Daily Herald in suburban Chicago. Participation on the podcast is a great way to share your personal journey, passing your experiences and a wealth of life lessons. What was supposed to be a quick 30 minute interview turned into a beautiful life experience of 1 hour. He has been the first individual from the continent to join the international friends of documenta.

Similarly, he has recently joined the acquisition committee of Photography department of the Centre Pompidou in Paris and has been invited to join the friends of the Whitechapel Gallery in London. Christian is a British camera man working for the BBC mostly in Africa, specialized in conflict zones. He is the father of a boy and happily married.

In this interview he guides us through his life experience in Africa as well as his path to reaching what he calls the best job in the world. He recently wrote a book called Camera Confidential as a way of helping young people to get into the media and news industry.