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Cuckold (commonly misspelled cuckhold) stories involve plot elements where the male My true story of my first time with a strong white man.
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Snubbing her first marriage that they'd arranged was a slap in the face to them, and they saw me as the culprit, as if I'd corrupted her in some way. She knew I'd never call over there to check on her story.

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Get some rest. I'll call you later to check on you. More than anything. You know that right?

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She quickly turned away from me and rubbed her sleeve across her face. My urge to masturbate at that moment was an overwhelming, shivering, shaking, feverish feeling, like an addict in withdrawal. I hadn't done it since the previous day before she'd come home, and I was deliberately avoiding it. It was those blasted moments of clarity that came after an orgasm that scared me.

I didn't want to face those feelings. Now more than ever, I imagined the guilt and shame that would come over me once my mind was unclouded by my perversions. Only now I'd have to face the fact that I couldn't turn the reality back into just a fantasy. I wasn't sure I could handle that. I thought of disgusting things like steaming piles of horse manure, and senior citizens in the nude, anything repulsive enough to shrink my erection.

It worked. Too distracted by my problems to be productive, I called in sick to work anyway. I spent the next few hours searching for distractions, TV, cooking, cleaning up the house, anything to avoid the lucid mental pictures of SUMITA with another man's cock in her mouth, or of Anghsu's in mine.

A Cuckold's Tale Part 1

Somehow, everything I did found a way to remind me. It was no use. I logged on to the computer, preparing to rub out an orgasm and face the music, when I got a text message from Anghsu on my cell phone. U r not really sick r u? No, I replied. Well Nikhil will be happy. Anghsu returned my text.

I know. I knew what she planning when she said she was going to her mothers. Trying to make it easy for him? U r a fool. A lot could happen and I don't mean sex. Don't remind me. I fucked up, I replied. I'll find a way to fix it. U owe me. Thank you. Thank you, SIR? Anghsu reminded me of his dominance.

Thank you sir. Are you wearing panties like a good little sissy? Yes, I lied. I'd long since taken them off. Show me.

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Send me a picture. As I slid into a pair of my wife's lacy, white panties, I became keenly aware of the fact that there was no way out of doing it on a daily basis. There was no telling if Anghsu was going to check for proof at any given time. I sent him the requested picture and got a response of, Good girl. Talk 2 u later.

I tried to resume my masturbation session but now I was too distracted. How humiliating would that be? She already thought I was a dud in the bedroom, what would she think of me then?

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  • ‘She said he was huge. Emotionally, I felt a little dirty and upset.’.
  • He might decide to take on a personal vendetta against me and completely destroy my marriage if I disrespected him. Besides, this Nikhil character had to go, and Anghsu had me convinced that I needed his help for that.

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    And on top of that, my fantasy still ruled my thoughts. Who was this man named Nikhil who was about to spend the night with my wife? I decided to find out. I parked across the street from her building where I could see the employee entrance. If they really were fucking on their lunch breaks, surely they'd have to go somewhere else to do it. Sure enough, fifteen minutes later I caught sight of my wife exiting the building with a large group of people. She seemed to be sticking close to one man in particular, a tall, mid thirties looking guy with dark hair. I found it flattering; at least I knew she found me attractive if nothing else.

    She stood talking to him for a while. Then he got into another vehicle and she got into hers.

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    I expected her to follow him when he pulled away, but she didn't. She pulled up in front of the employee entrance and stopped. Suddenly a tall and dark man emerged from the building. He swung his head around every which way as if watching out for something, and then quickly hopped into SUMITA's car and she sped away urgently. I peeled out of the parking lot and gave chase, making sure I stayed far enough back not to be spotted by her. She never drove like that, especially on the slippery rained roads.

    You didn't tell me Nikhil was tall and dark! I sent a text to Anghsu. I pulled into the parking lot of the Chinese restaurant adjacent to it and watched them get out of the car together. Nikhil's hand planted firmly on my wife's ass as they walked into the hotel. Anghsu's reply finally came through.

    fr.ikidavik.tk Why does that matter? And why r u spying on your wife? Think about what happens if she catches u. She wasn't supposed to know I knew about this. I sat in the car contemplating my next move. Sitting outside was pointless.