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Harbinger () #21 eBook: Maurice Fontenot, Howard Simpson, Gonzalo Mayo, Maria Beccari: Kindle Store.
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Covents and Neophytes by Tirion: When I first discovered that the Celtic Old Religion was for me, the first thing I wanted to do was find a covent and become a member. The Unicorn by Taran: From the first accounts of the unicorn, there have been various writers through the centuries who have recorded the existence and have provided more and more details concerning its appearance and nature.

Gwyl Olau by Collier G. D by Geoffrey of Monmouth is one of the oldest historically-based manuscripts that have survived to modern times.

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Natural remedies by Crystal: With the season of the cold upon us, we should remind ourselves of the wonderful remedies Mother Nature has provided for us. Numerical Divination: The following divinatory process using numerology is a basic, extremely reliable method of divining using the numbers the answer to any question quickly. Calan Haf by Collier G. Arthur of Celts by Taran: For centuries, the legend of Arthur has told and retold, written and rewritten through all of this, the story of Arthur has been expanded upon up to its present form. Ancient Celtic Kingdom: Collier G.

M: Before contact was made between the classical world Greece and Rome and the ancient Celts, Celtic Religious history—Celtic history in general—is obscure. For what its worth by Matrana: Not to many years ago, the lowly but noble potato literally saved an entire country from starvation.

H.A.R.D. Corps (1992-1995) #21

Lughnasadh: Lughnasadh Meaning the marriage of Lugh , which marks the last quarter of the Celtic year, celebrated the opening of the harvest season In the sense of performing rites to insure an abundant harvest —the actual harvest does not begin until later as the well as the great marriage of sun to earth. Hereditary Paganisms by Collier G. Celtic Social-Political structure by Taran: The Celts, during their evolution and the flourishing of out culture, developed an elaborate social-political structure.

Age of Holiday: Wooden pillars throughout Europe aligned with the rising sun of winter solstice have been recently dated to B. Jasmine: Jasmine is associated with the feminine, maternal aspect of the Divine Universe; Sometimes corresponded with the feminine number nine. A Curse on thy Neighbor who cut off the limbs from my tree: I am broadcasting this on a high and low frequencies to the small squadrons of the air.

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A Unicorn approached at a stately pace Ridden by a Paladin and a Sorceress. From Alice B. Tennessee and Jean E. New London, Conn. To Margaret M. Dallas Tx, and Lonnie and Karen Denver. Book 8: The Caldron a seasonal communication from Madrakara Winter 2 copies.

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By Nigel Aldcroft Jackson. Beltane Obituary: it is with great sadness that we must report the death of Nancy McEwen during the Santa Cruz earthquake. Don suffered as heart attack following a period of poor health. Obituary: Dr. By Kyrin Singleton. Former Chair of Chalice Well Trust. Book 1: Church of Seven Arrows letter to P. Description: A call to action from the Church of Seven Arrows for Neopagans, Witches, and Wiccans to write their congressman in regard to an amendment to the Treasury and Post Office appropriations bill, submitted by Sen.

Jesse Helms, R-N.

Subjects: Tax exemption; Neopagans--Legal status, laws, etc. Beseeching her benevolence; Come, Toad; under your heart, earthmother; keep me grounded; blessed earth; the keeper. Ecomagic: our lady of the swamp, water as Ally Hum of the blood of the earth, Mississippi mother. Spiritual healing at circle; circle statement of purpose, spiritual jewelry available from circle.

Passages: Deaths- James Wilson , Rt. Hough , Lady Galadriel Jodi Monogue Meets With U. Commission on Civil Rights by Alice Pauser. Phillips, Jo Anne Hankamer.

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Who Calls the Quarters? Passages; Deaths: Lawrence Tebbott, Dr. Marija Alseikaite-Gimbutas, Joy D. What Happens Next? Metamorphosis of a Wood Nymph by Fra. Hello, Bird! Summer Book 1 : Nature Spirituality Quarterly, Vol. Issue 58, Winter Book 2 : Nature Spirituality Quarterly, Vol. Issue 59, Spring Book 3 : Nature Spirituality Quarterly, Vol. Issue 60, Summer Book 4 : Nature Spirituality Quarterly, Vol. Issue 61, Fall Book 5 : Nature Spirituality Quarterly, Vol.

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