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“Yes, hopefully we'll have everything set in a couple more weeks. Can't believe we went from not even being sure if we were ever going to move out going to be hard leaving all of our neighbors, including and especially the Andersons, like we're moving so far away that we won't get to see any of our friends and family.
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She became angry and deflected. I hope and pray that one day she gets healthy. That she realizes her self worth.

We Can't Be Friends

I have reconnected with some of my old friends who were really good to me. I appreciate them more now because I now know how hard it is to find Real friends. It cherishing in the hope of keeping. It makes time seem so short. It keeps giving and giving. I thought I had such a friend. I had someone who I would have done anything for. I helped him with his course work, bought him food as he did not have much money, loaned him a hefty sum of money when he needed it, and always listened when he wanted to talk.

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He responded by letting me know in no uncertain terms that I was less important than his other friends. He did not value or respect me. He spent time with other people but never had time for me. I offered good friendship and loyalty but it was not enough. I was lead on and let down, so I have bitter feelings about friendship right now. The experience reinforced for me that I can be a great friend but I have attracted no one in my life who is willing to me a good friend to me.

This has really made me sad. I do not think I can handle another so-called friend who makes me feel inadequate. First time ok. But second time. Its shame on me.

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Forsake ME. I call it u live and u learn. True and outspoken. And always lifting them up. And they Always come to me for advise. Always there to help.

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And get kick in my ass. And makes says the same. But I call it. Standing up. Speaking out. And when u ask me something.

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  8. Or for my advise or what I think about a certain situation. Friendship is such a wonderful thing. This makes finding others a very high priority. The commonly accepted definition of a friend has changed. I sometimes wonder if its normal to want to walk alone. But the more things I experienced and the more I learned, the more I changed.

    Everyone around me tells me to take it easy. And I can be super energetic and friendly too. But what really made finding friends hard was realizing my interests simply did not resonate with everyone. I liked doing things other people found way too difficult. I found fun in activities that tax your mind and this put me in an interesting situation. I knew that in a good friendship, people listen to each other.

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    So I would take interest in others to show I cared, because I did. But then when I wanted to say something, they were either too busy or not interested. Which way do you go? Could I be so lucky? I have a Soulmate, my wife , who I have been together with for 31 years We share everything, we are empathetic and there are no secrets except at birthdays and Valentines day etc and we follow all the criteria you posted above. We even hold hands. Lucky ducky. Those deep, intense connections that can be found through a true soul friend definitely seem hard to find these days.

    I have always struggled to find authentic, loyal friends who can match the emotional and intellectual depths that I crave. My only true soul friends at this point are my boyfriend and an online friend living in another country. I had another friend in my physical life who almost fit the bill completely, except she offered her presence only when it was convenient for her or when she needed something.

    She completely ignored me the rest of the time.

    See a Problem?

    Although we connected on a soul level, I recently decided to stop settling for her disrespectful ways and feel increasingly more indifferent toward her. Some people appear to prefer quantity of friendships over quality, which means they have a tendency to take some really awesome friendships for granted. Friendship has always been more important than romantic love and family, at least for me.

    I cared for them, was loyal, kept their secrets, tried to help them whenever I could, and made them feel loved and important. But sometimes I think I must be doing something wrong. You see, we worked at the same company for over a year, sometimes seating next to each other, having breakfast and lunch together, and sharing our frustration with work and joys in our personal lives. But he lied so many times and made so many excuses that I began asking if he was a true friend. As of now, I have no friends but myself and am taking some time to figure out what mistakes I made and reevaluate what is best for me.

    That web was real. On top of all that, shortly before his death Tupac argued with Suge over unpaid royalties, fired Death Row lawyer David Kenner and planned to leave the label. Police, meanwhile, added to the confusion. Poole was ultimately removed from the case and resigned from the LAPD in Anderson denied killing Tupac and was never charged.

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