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Boost your video SEO and rank higher on YouTube with these 21 tools Though quintly is not specifically created for YouTube, it is easy to.
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Since people these days have very short time and according to research, people only watch the one-minute long video and goes to the next one within 60 seconds that is why you have very short time to make an impression.

  • 21 YouTube SEO Tools to Boost Your Video Rankings.
  • 1. Start With Keyword Research.
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It is recommended to start with small videos and gradually increase the time when you achieve a target audience. Also, try to make your videos content rich and avoid random thoughts as it will only distract your audience. SEO plays an essential role in bringing the search results on a tip; even it is video, website, blog or picture.

That is why if you want to increase the rank if your videos, you need to upload the video according to the SEO standards. Another good and easy way to increase the ranking of your video is to get Free YouTube subscribers on your channel. They will watch, like and share your videos which will bring it on the top.

Generate More Search Traffic With YouTube SEO | Online Digital Marketing Courses

When your videos have more viewers, it will bring it on the top results. That is why try to invest your time on getting sufficient subscribers or buy YouTube subscriber to increase it and get the better ranking of your videos in Hardik Patel Hardik Patel is editor of www. Tweet This. Continue the discussion.

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Hardik Patel Mar Hardik Patel Feb Hardik Patel. Hackernoon Newsletter curates great stories by real tech professionals Get solid gold sent to your inbox. Every week! Stewart Hillhouse Dec You can actually do this even if you have zero subscribers on your channel.

Look up topics in Google Trends

Here are a few strategies that have worked for us in growing our YouTube channel to over two million subscribers. Hopefully, they help you grow your YouTube channel and get your videos to rank higher. Optimizing your video title with keywords is a great way to get your videos to rank higher on YouTube. Targeting low-competition long-tail keywords is the best strategy to avoid the massive competition.

You can search for keywords using Google Keyword Planner. Find a suitable long-tail keyword related to your industry with enough monthly search volume.

Creating your title to target these keywords and search terms will allow your videos to get to a higher spot on YouTube. List titles work really well.

So well that we've made all of our videos a series of lists. I recommend using CoSchedule's headline analyzer tool to help you craft the best title. In order to get the most clicks, you need to stand out from the pack with an interesting thumbnail. Find a catchy shot in the video to make the thumbnail image.

Use These 11 YouTube SEO Tips to Improve Your Search Rankings

Most people assume that getting more views is the best way to rank a video on YouTube. It's quite the contrary. If you do a quick search on YouTube, you'll notice how this algorithm ranks videos with millions of views below videos with longer watch time. I've found that creating lengthy videos will help increase the chances of getting ranked on YouTube and rankings in the discovery feed.

However, this doesn't mean that you should fill your videos with useless content to unnecessarily increase its length.